Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sliding Door Panels of The Kyoto Imperial Palace

Imperial Procession to Kamo Shrine by Komai Korei (1793-1860)
賀茂祭群参図 駒井孝礼筆
【画像引用:京都国立博物館(C)Kyoto National Museum】

賀茂祭(葵祭) Aoi Matsuri May 15 in Kyoto, Japan
Horse Race at the Kamo Shrine

New Year Greetings to the Emperor by Sumiyoshi Hirotsura (1793-1863)
朝賀図 住吉弘貫筆
【画像引用:京都国立博物館 (C)Kyoto National Museum】

Sliding Door Panels of The Kyoto Imperial Palace
Saturday, January 6 to Sunday,February 18,2007

Phoenixes with Paulownia and Bamboo by Kano Eigaku (1790-1867)
Emperor Yao Appointing a Sage to Rule the Country by Kano Eigaku
The current buildings of the Kyoto Imperial Palace were constructed in 1855, when several of the most eminent Japanese painters of the time were commissioned to create its interior panel paintings. These precious works serve as time capsules of Kyoto's nineteenth-century painting scene and vividly unfold the many stories of this art scene.


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